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[14 Jun 2004|05:57pm]

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Welcome to my World!

[17 Dec 2003|02:39pm]
OK so im using this again bc my other name was pissing me off bc no one knows it! so here i am AGAIN using this one. i might later on us "mylipsrstck2his" but not now!

Smooches all
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[14 Dec 2003|01:16pm]
[ mood | geeky ]


Welcome to my World!

PARKING LOT WARS!!!! [25 Sep 2003|09:58pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Misunderstood692: THEY TOOK MY CONE!
Misunderstood692: when i went out after 3rd to leave it was gone
NofxDracogirl44: hahah
NofxDracogirl44: corey was looking under thew car for it
Misunderstood692: i want my cone!! why did u tell him i was going to put it there?>
NofxDracogirl44: bc he would have been pissed if he ran it voer
Misunderstood692: did u tell him though?
NofxDracogirl44: yeah
Misunderstood692: aww u suck
NofxDracogirl44: sorry
Misunderstood692: u suck ass
NofxDracogirl44: ok
Misunderstood692: i need something to put in coreys spot tomorrow
NofxDracogirl44: hahah
Misunderstood692: but i cant bc u'll tell him!
NofxDracogirl44: park in his spot lol
Misunderstood692: lol!
Misunderstood692: i should!
NofxDracogirl44: hed flip out
Misunderstood692: i get there at 8
Misunderstood692: i have to i have a meeting tomorrow
NofxDracogirl44: he will be there like 900
NofxDracogirl44: hes takin me
NofxDracogirl44: omg u so should lol
Misunderstood692: lol
Misunderstood692: i will
Misunderstood692: do u think he'll park in mine?
NofxDracogirl44: yea most likely
Misunderstood692: lol
Misunderstood692: i will
Misunderstood692: but dont tell him ok?
NofxDracogirl44: ok
Misunderstood692: me u david and corey are going to have like parking spot wars this year arent we?
NofxDracogirl44: yea lol
Misunderstood692: lol
NofxDracogirl44: its funny
NofxDracogirl44: dude if u park in his spot it would be sooo funny
Misunderstood692: i am!
NofxDracogirl44: hes going to be so mad lol
Misunderstood692: i know!
Misunderstood692: aww! and u cant have ur own senior parking spot wars next year
NofxDracogirl44: haha
Misunderstood692: hahaha they are taking the senior parking lot away!
NofxDracogirl44: y?
Misunderstood692: to build more in the middle schoo;
NofxDracogirl44: no way
Misunderstood692: yep
NofxDracogirl44: no
Misunderstood692: yep
NofxDracogirl44: ur wrong
Misunderstood692: no im not! i heard it frm my mom! they are building ontop of the mercuary building and taking away that staff lot near there and making that the construction entrence and making the senior lot the staff lot
NofxDracogirl44: it wont happen
Misunderstood692: wanna bet? they have to
Misunderstood692: that new class size law
NofxDracogirl44: no
Misunderstood692: htye need a bigger school
Misunderstood692: i'll put money on it!fuck i'll put mycar on it
NofxDracogirl44: i wouldnt want ur nazi car!lol
Misunderstood692: lol
Misunderstood692: u know u want my hot sexy car
NofxDracogirl44: hell no


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i just have to say DMB rocks! [24 Sep 2003|09:47pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

So im sitting here and im listening to the DMB concert! its just too amazing! i wish i was there! why cant they play a free concert at central park in plantation?!

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OMG its public! [20 Sep 2003|02:30pm]
Alexa and i need help thinking of a topic for an essay for college....i wrote one on "an Event or events that changed my life" ie NFTY....but she has nothing like that...hmm...HELP!
Welcome to my World!

had to make it a public entry.but this is going to be the last..comment if ur not on my friends list [14 Sep 2003|11:49am]
[ mood | crazy ]

so i was at jennas house the other day...and we went to www.homestarrunner.com....as usual...and i realized...there is a homeSTaR and a homeSAR i dont know i thought it quite amusing!!! they should be the mascots of NFTY-STR and NFTY-SAR but yet homeSAR is really dumb and was raised by a cup of coffee....i dont know its early and i am just being stupid sydney as usual...ok im out....like i said in my subject i just had to make it a public entry.but this is going to be the last..comment if ur not on my friends list

Welcome to my World!

I love my friends...they amuse me! [03 Sep 2003|10:20pm]
[ mood | amused ]

IiSrAeLiHoT69: hey its sydney
PtwtwGrrl: figured lol
IiSrAeLiHoT69: lol shut up!!!
PtwtwGrrl: mixing ur jewdome with ur sexlife lol not many people can put 69 and israeli in the same sent
Bo0o0mSHaKaLaKa (10:05:57 PM): i have a 2 story 2 bedroom house in orlando
Bo0o0mSHaKaLaKa (10:05:59 PM): winter parks
Bo0o0mSHaKaLaKa (10:06:00 PM): :-)
NFTYQT69 (10:06:11 PM): ;-)
Bo0o0mSHaKaLaKa (10:06:26 PM): hey you can come live w/ me and have hot sex every night
NFTYQT69 (10:08:49 PM): yes! and we can have hot money sex!!!
Bo0o0mSHaKaLaKa (10:08:54 PM): sydney will you be my girlfriend!
NFTYQT69 (10:08:54 PM): monkey***
Bo0o0mSHaKaLaKa (10:08:56 PM): haha money sex/
NFTYQT69 (10:09:02 PM): really?
Bo0o0mSHaKaLaKa (10:09:02 PM): i'm not no whore :-P
Bo0o0mSHaKaLaKa (10:09:11 PM): why of course
NFTYQT69 (10:09:20 PM): why would u want me as ur g/f???
Bo0o0mSHaKaLaKa (10:09:25 PM): i oono i was just asking
Bo0o0mSHaKaLaKa (10:09:26 PM): lol
Bo0o0mSHaKaLaKa (10:09:31 PM): i love ya sydney :-D
NFTYQT69 (10:09:46 PM): fine! then no bc u dont really want me u just want my hot sexy body!!!
Bo0o0mSHaKaLaKa (10:09:56 PM): dammit am i that easy to read
NFTYQT69 (10:10:00 PM): yes
Bo0o0mSHaKaLaKa (10:10:02 PM): fuck
NFTYQT69 (10:10:06 PM): but i love u alan!!!

Welcome to my World!

LLTI=AMAZING!!!Are u jewish? bc u israeli hott!!!! [01 Sep 2003|08:53pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

LLTI=FAMAZING!!!Collapse )

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[22 Aug 2003|10:45pm]
[ mood | curious ]

so i had a chance to ask HIM to homecomming...but i didnt...i didnt want to ask him at a time like this...you know like what im going through...but we did have this amazing talk...he is so sweet. i had a talk with hawk and i said i still wanna believe on the 1st day of school its going to be happy she is going to be there with her bright smily face...but it wont its going to be a long drawn out day and quiet, execpt the freshman and sophomores dont care bc they didnt know her...and then i told it to alexa bc we went walking...and i broke down when we were walking...but its so tru...i cant deal with this any longer...wy do the most amazing ppl in life have to be gone? first lauren who tried her best to make everyone smile, same with becca she wasnt the rudest of ppl she was the kinda grl who would smile at me in the hall and wave...it was nice...now i wont get that!GRR why does this all have to happen?

Welcome to my World!

WOW [22 Aug 2003|04:21pm]
[ mood | drained ]

I never knew what an impact Becca made on EVERYONE! i wentto the funeral today...it was amazing how many ppl where there..she would have been so happy...jillian...the one who was in the car with her was there.i saw ppl there i havent seen in years i saw ppl there who came into town frm outta state...CB(the formar novice debate coach)flew in frm philly to come...it was amazing...my temple is huge...and we had ppl standing in the back and in though the lobby...it was just amazing, all of nova was there, ALL the teachers faculty and everyone, lacasse was there made a speech, i was suprised ian was able to get up there and talk bout his best friend and sister, he is still in denial, its hard i know i went through it with jonathan,who i went to visit at the cite bc hes buried near her, it’s such a horrible thing for a parent to bury a child. It’s the worst thing a parent should ever have to go through, ...ok well im out...im still pissed bout alexa(not at her bout what happened) and im gunna call her see if shes ok...ttyl ppl just remember all, drive safely and ALWAYS wear a seat belt(becca was wearing hers) and if u go to Nova and happen to be reading this , Ms Kirtman Mr kirtmman and ian are making a scholarship thing in her name, well anyone acutally can contribute, and the dress bank will still be open

Welcome to my World!

wow its public...well i wanted Nicole to read it [20 Aug 2003|05:52pm]
[ mood | cold ]

-so last night...ooo what a night it was! i came up to springs met nicole and saw freddy VS Jason...so i get to the ticket office...they ask for id...i got a new one...and then we get in and when we go to get the ticket ripped the guy was like....i need to see id...WTF?! why we bought the tickets...i guess they are cracking donw more for R movies!!! no more mommy buying tickets for u! hahaha im 17!so then we go in and there is this little no older the 7 little boy in this scary r movie!!! nicole and i are like...WTF? how what?! so then we are watching previews.....we are making up like stupid names for movies that came up...then i saw one and i said "o ring 2" NO! IT WAS SCARY MOVIE 3!!!!! OMG IT LOOKS SO FUNNY! Its based on the ring....almost every celebrity is in it...ja rule is in it, ummm MICHEL JACKSON....THE MICHEL JACKSON PART WAS THE FUNNIEST in the others u know that part where the grl is sitting on the floor playing with the toy and Nicole kidman says what did u do with my doughter?! well ion sm3 a guy walks in and says what have u donw with my doughter and she says i m ur doughter...he pulls the vail off and its michel jackson! i was laughing so hard! well then the movie came! the 1st scean u see a grl totaly naked!!! ok little 7 yearold! hello?! then it gets creepy then the best is when the grl is dreaming and he says tye the bitch up!!!!!!ummm what else? well then...i dont wanna give the end away...OH and nicole and i are going to have a party in a crop circle one time
PtwtwGrrl: ummm yessss a big happenin rave in the middle of a crop circle!!
NfGcHiK3369: OH YEA
LOL u wouldnt understand unless u saw the movie...
ok well the the movie ended and we went to maddys...then i went home woke up early and went shopping...ok im so done...im cold and my hand hurts...

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[13 Aug 2003|03:27pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]


Welcome to my World!

Cats on morphene? what kinda concept is that!? [08 Aug 2003|10:30am]
[ mood | busy ]

my cats are on morophene! its the funniest thing ever!they look so stoned! well they got declawed and they gave them a pain killer patch...its so funny! louie acutally LIKES MEIts so funny he comes up to me and rubs on my legs...as opposed to running frm me! my mom and i think they are going to go through withdrawl when we take the patches off, well im off, time t go send apps into colleges!lata

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[06 Aug 2003|10:34pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

nothing interesting has happened in a while, i'll update when i get a life!

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Boca auto spa...as opposed to a car wash!!! [04 Aug 2003|06:03pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

OK...yesterday was my b-day...YAY ME! so my mommy drove me up to boca to go to ashleys condo on the beach...then bout 10 mins later Jen comes...YAY JEN!! u dont understand how much i love this gurl! she is so funny! she speaks her mind bout everything and she is just so amazing...she hated me at first but i'll get back to that latrer....so we decide we want stir Crazy..this really good stir fry place....ITS A FOODGAZIM...really it is! so on our way there this guy was in an accident..not bad and he hollers a us and yells his # 2 us...i put it in my phone book under "cute boy" so we get to stir crazy...and this american guy is dating a japanese grl and hes with her family and it was so cute! but they got like 3 orders of like egg rolls or something and it came out b4 our food! jen was so hungry in her mind...well kinda out loud she was fighting for the food! then there was one egg roll left...she was convinced she would walk over and eat it...yea then the fat kid ate it! it was so funny...then our fod came and jen and i couldnt put a dent in our food! it was sad! i mean we kept eating it and it didnt go down...i swear like u ate some and then it grew back! so then we leave go to cold stones...bc ash works there get our discount they sing to me....and then we go to FAU to see Zoie...we see zoie and then she says ryan is coming over...i didnt think i knew who he was...i flipped when i saw who it was! it was crazy...and i'll get to that story later too...then we chill there then jen had to go home ::sniff:: then we called cute boy...who i didnt think was so cute and some other ppl, then dan and i decided at 1 something that we wanted taco bell...he got pulled over but got outta it well kinda...then we get taco bell came bcak and we chilled on the beach an shit ALL night it was crazy! then we went onto the beach to watch the sun rise then go surfing, FLAT! then some waves did come but ashley was sleeping with cute boy on the beach then i went up and fell asleep...then i get a call frm jen, evan her b/f who lives in far away land is sick...we drive her up there and see evan...i love evan! hes so sweet! he has a nice house...jen and i had fun! im going to miss her so much when she leaves!Oh and i also found out stories that scott never told me! which was interesting! it was bad...then i found out jen and ash hated me, jen hated me bc i was the skank ass hoe who was hooking up with her scottie, and b4 scott i was kinda with this guy ryan and ash was hooking up with him...but they love me now...i love jen! JEN IM GOING TO MISS U SO MUCH!WE GOTTA DO THIS AGAIN!!!!!

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[02 Aug 2003|03:02pm]
[ mood | crazy ]


Welcome to my World!

i <3 hawk :) [26 Jul 2003|11:57pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I'm noticing that the big trend in the auto industry lately has been to go bankrupt by making cars that look as shitty as possible. I don't get it, things were going fine and then all of a sudden everyone starts coming out with these giant stupid plastic looking turds on wheels. I thought that nobody would buy them, but a mere glance down the streets killed my theory and proved once and for all that rich people must buy shitty cars because they lack class (at least while the cars are still new so they can grab a piece of that sweet packaged individuality). So I've collected four of the ugliest and rated them for your convenience.
This is easily one of the dumbest looking cars I've seen in years. It's a car with an identity crisis: it can't decide whether it wants to be a car or a truck, so it tries to be both and the result is a goofy looking cross between the back end of a Datsun pickup truck and the front half of one of those dog shit $5 canvas sneakers from Walmart: Then, as if they haven't given your eyes enough of a beast raping, they tack on two tons of ugly plastic trim on the side and paint it shiny so people will know that your dumbass is coming from miles away. I'm trying hard to come up with something good to say about this car, but I just can't. Actually, that was a lie. I wasn't trying to say anything good about the car because I hate everything about it and anyone stupid enough to buy one.

With this car, Pontiac has set out to finish what Cortez started by pilfering the Aztecs of their last remaining treasure: their name. Except Pontiac spelled it with a "k" because spelling words inkorrectly is totally kool TO THE MAX.

I can just imagine the designers brainstorming, when suddenly the bosses son came up with this cock barf: "hey, let's make the back end of the car look like a deformed rhombus, and while we're at it, let's smash two cars on top of each other for the front half and call it a day!" The double grill disaster they have going on in the front sets a new benchmark for stupid grills (a title previously held by the Cadillac Escalade).

The end result is a car that Montezuma himself would be proud to drive, had his entire civilization not been savagely murdered by blood sucking Spanish conquistadors. Then again, even people from the 14th century probably had better taste than the putzes who buy cars today. I was going to rate this car lower, but my opinion is biased because of my contempt for Cortez.

Style is the element lacking most in this cubist atrocity. Everything about this car screams "tacky." This car just looks terrible; it looks like it was designed by a blind child with arthritis. In a coma. Whoever chose the color scheme for this car was probably asked to do so at gun point, because I don't think it's possible to choose two uglier colors.

This is coming from a guy who has the color-coordination skills of Stevie Wonder, if that tells you anything (I'm straight).

I have to give Honda credit though: at least they chose a name dumb enough to suit the car. What kind of name is "Element"? What next, the Honda Isotope? Fortunately, this is one Element you won't find on the periodic table. I wanted to rate this one lower, but it's nice to see big companies like Honda giving blind designers a chance.

Nothing says versatile like a truck made out of rubber. Chevy decided to subscribe to the "tack as much shit on the sides as you can" school of thought, throwing two or three tons of trim on the sides like the Subaru Baja.

It almost looks like a Transformer, but since Transformers are badass (except for when the creators were temporarily abducted by aliens and a shitty-cartoon chip was implanted in their brains that caused them to make the short lived "Beast Wars" series), it was hard for me to find a Transformer lame enough to do the Avalanche justice. Alas, the first one who came to mind is the one I eventually went with:

Bumblebee: what a dumbass.
Bumblebee's sole purpose in the show was to run around and shove his fist up people's asses while their backs were turned. Maybe that wasn't his goal verbatim, but the fact remains: nobody knew what Bumblebee's real purpose was other than getting in the way of the most badass Transformer ever (next to Unicron): Star Scream.

Oh yeah, about the Avalanche: it's a piece of shit, and the type of people who would drive it are the same type of people who spend their Saturday nights changing their corn pads while listening to country music, which also happens to suck rhinoceros cock, but not as much as the Chevy Avalanche

http://maddox.xmission.com/c.cgi?u=ugly_cars came frm here...the best website ever!!

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[23 Jul 2003|02:57pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

well i hate my life! i was supposed to go to melting pot with scott and katie tonight and now scott cant come and i really wanted him there but he cant! im really upset

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[22 Jul 2003|10:06pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

OK this LJ is going back to friends ONLY! if u need me to add u i will....just leave a comment!

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